Zero Gravity, Cycling and Go Carting company outing video for Infinera

Last week we produced a video for Infinera, a telecommunications company out of Silicon Valley.  They were in Las Vegas for their 2010 Sales Meeting and booked three groups of employees to go out and have fun at Zero Gravity faux sky diving, Fast Lap Go Carts and Cyclery Bicycle tours out of Red Rock.  Our task was to go with each group and gather footage that would be used in a video they would show the next day.  I went with the bicycle group.  I sat in the back of our hatchback and with the camera on a mount to steady it, got cycling shots as good as seen on ESPN.  The bikes reached speeds over 40mph.  Our three crews did a great job of capturing the fun.  We edited till 3AM that morning with two editors and workstations going all out and delivered the video at 7AM.  The people at Infinera loved it.  You can view it at the link below:
Infinera 2010 Sales Meeting Video

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