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Aardvark Video & Media Productions has extensive experience in event video production. Las Vegas hosts more than 18,000 conventions and other events such as meetings and trade shows each year, with over 4 million visitors attending. Aardvark Video has helped hundreds of trade show organizers, exhibitors and attendees document their convention involvement with high quality convention video production, custom trade show displays, expo videos and trade show production services, including:

Presentation/Seminar/Meeting Recording and Editing
Presenters spend months preparing and rehearsing for the perfect presentation. Will people remember what was said? Did everyone who should have seen the presentation actually see it? The value and effort need not be limited to only the people attending. Convention Videos allow for information to be distributed to a much larger audience via the web, and can even supply additional revenue with media sales such as DVDs and online pay-per-view, subscription and live-streaming. For presenters, recordings can be used as a valuable training tool for reviewing and fine tuning while also providing footage to be used for future marketing endeavors. (Sample)Marketing Material (Interviews, Demos, Green Screen, etc.)
Trade show visitors and current customers are an ideal source for testimonial interviews, publicity within client exhibits, or demonstrations showcasing products or services. Product unveilings, announcements, interviews and other events can be recorded and instantly shared via on-site live-streaming. All of these video products may then be used to increase the return on booth investment, as well as to continue generating income well after the show ends. (Sample 1) (Sample 2)Keynote Video
Kick off the day with a video to energize the beginning of a convention or start a subsequent day and set the tone! Videos like this can also be used to announce important itinerary events, updates/changes to schedules, and other company plans. (Sample)Multi-Camera Stage Events w/Onsite Editing and Uploading
A convention is a time when announcements are made, subject matter experts are interviewed and news is made. Our Las Vegas video production facilities allow us the capability for setting up a lit stage for interviews, demo video production, editing onsite and live-streaming and/or uploading to the web. (Sample)Event Recording and Editing
Often, even in difficult times, a company wants to reward employees or generate morale and team building by sponsoring events such as golf outings, trips and dinners. Recording of these events is always well received and can be a lot of fun while adding to goal accomplishments. We can even go out on client outings and produce videos to show at meetings or dinners the same or next day. Because we are local and have the resources, we can deal with time frames and due dates that might be impossible by others. (Call us for samples)

Marketing for Trade Show Organizers
A video of testimonials from current vendors complete with exciting, motivating show shots entices future potential exhibitors to reserve a booth, validates the expense to current exhibitors and convinces attendees to attend.
With our event video production like this, it can be included on your website and reach far more people than your sales force ever could to market future shows. (Sample)

Live Video Streaming
Your events can be streamed live on the internet to increase your audience while monetizing views with Pay Per View, Subscriptions, Advertising, a Shopping Cart and other options.  (Sample)

Time Lapse
Often we are asked to document a show or a series of events such as construction of an exhibitor booth with time lapse. With this we can generate excitement and viewer interest to events spread over many days.  This also provides amazing insights into what a process entails. (Sample)

Other Services
We are your number 1 resource for Las Vegas trade show, convention and event video production, videographers, editors, duplication, web encoding/uploading and DVD authoring.
With our partnerships with others we are able to provide; models, staging, lighting, aerial video and much more. We can provide not only trade show video production, but editing and uploading onsite plus because we are local, we can deal with deadlines impossible otherwise.
When you expend all of the resources needed to attend and participate in a Las Vegas convention, trade show or other event, you want to be sure that the best event video production team is working for you.  There are so many positive uses for high quality video of your event. Let the proven Aardvark Video production team work for you on your convention video production and/or your trade show video production.

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