Las Vegas Training Video ProductionAardvark Video has more than 28 years of experience in corporate and educational training video production. 

We’ve produced many training videos for the states of New York and Nevada and other large corporations throughout the U.S.

Why use our Training Video Production Services?

Video is an exceptionally effective training device. It delivers your message in a concise, consistent, perfectly correct and emotionally stimulating manner. It also doesn’t suffer from the inconsistency of live training and is available to a much larger population than can attend a live presentation.

Training and educational videos are something that can be seen and heard, it is infinitely more effective and pleasurable for viewers than training from a written document.

We have produced numerous training videos on subjects ranging from employee benefits & wage plans to equipment or process demos and usage, understanding domestic violence, continuing medical education (CME) and many others. Technical training such as equipment operation is a specialty.

Often training videos are used to support conventional face-to-face training sessions or deliver remote training via DVD or online. Using video for training and support also helps organizations cut their travel costs, an added benefit in a time of decreasing budgets and cost-cutting procedures. Training video can also add a lucrative revenue source when the training is packaged and sold or streamed live via pay-per-view.

For years, our team has worked on Las Vegas training video productions that have helped numerous companies and organizations use video to deliver messages to more people than can attend live presentations. We’ve love the opportunity to help you realize the advantages video training can provide.

Corporate Training Video Production

By training on “Best Practice” methods you can be certain that the workforce gets the correct message consistently. This increases workforce efficiencies and eliminates the costs of repeated live training sessions. Additionally, it can reduce expensive turnover for employees that become frustrated and leave because they are unable to perform due to poor training. Training can be delivered as DVDs or online, as well as shown in a classroom setting.

Video makes it possible for an instructor to teach a class just once, simply record the event and then graphics, enhancements, text reinforcement, etc. can be added in afterwards. This results in a training or educational video that can easily be seen anytime, anywhere in the world, on-demand. A video can also easily be updated or revised with any changes a company requires.

Utilizing current web technologies, we can create the ability to login to watch the video. Once the subject has viewed the video, an automated quizzes or test can be initiated and automatically scored, with the results securely sent to a supervisor. This form of video training will keep the training material consistent an also automize the verification and documentation of employee compliance.

Product Training Video Production

In today’s world of rapid-changing technology, understanding how to use a product correctly can decrease returns and increase customer satisfaction and support. Why not create video-based tutorials, or how-to videos, that explain your product? With easy to understand tutorials that introduce and train on usage of your product, clients will quickly become proficient and have the best opportunity to take full advantage of its features.

The benefits are happier clients and stronger brand loyalty. As examples, we’ve produced videos that are packaged with AV Device Remote Controls and even a DVD on Scarf Tying.

Customer and Product Support Video Production

Imagine taking the most frequently asked questions your call center has to respond to and creating self-help videos where a professional trainer walks people through a process that solves their problem.

The economics are clear, but the good will and client satisfaction that can come from instant gratification, rather than getting frustrated with long hold times and menu options, is invaluable.

We’ve even made videos to explain complex engineering product concepts which freed engineers to more productive time spent than speaking on the phone.

Training Video Production to Increase ROI from Seminars

If you are putting on a seminar, I’m sure you and your presenters have spent or will spend months preparing and rehearsing for the perfect presentation. The value and effort need not be limited to only the people attending. Video recording allows for information to be distributed to a much larger audience via web streaming, and can supply additional revenue and distribution with media sales such as DVD sets and online pay-per-view and subscription for requirements such as CME credits.

We at Aardvark Video have been in business since 1987 and have produced numerous educational videos for CME (Continuing Medical Education) purposes as well as videos to help market and get additional ROI on trade shows and conventions for both organizers and exhibitors all over the country. CME training is one of our specialties. If you are putting on seminars or trade shows, you’ll definitely want to contact us to learn how we can improve the experience.


Elearning is “utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom online.”   This learning can be provided with lesson modules, quizzes, reference sources, certification, live chats, and more.  Many plugins even allow the course to be put on your’s or a client’s website.


Aardvark Video can handle your educational, how-to, support and training video production needs from concept to completion. From a small budget project to a major production. We can do everything from writing the script, hiring the talent if needed, location scouting and planning, choosing the proper equipment and locations and most importantly, helping you understand the process to make the project as easy and stress free as possible.

No matter what your budget, we approach every client and every project with one goal…to thoroughly understand and satisfy client objectives.

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