Below are some of the type people we help frequently. However, with 30 years of experience don’t count us out if you don’t fall into one of the categories below; we’ve probably done it. If you’re a company with a video need we can help you!

Trade Show Organizers, Event and Meeting Planners, Staging Companies

Trade shows let you showcase the show and your products. However not every one can attend and video offers an unparalleled opportunity to raise awareness about your participation and products during and after the show 24/7 all over the world.

Aardvark Video has been working with conventions, trade shows and similar events for years. We often work directly with the company that puts on the event creating a show highlight video to entice future exhibitors and attendees to come to the next show. Other times, we work as a partner with the convention’s audio/video and staging companies to fulfill client needs that they don’t do in-house Some of the tasks we get involved with at conventions and corporate events are:

Trade Show Exhibitors

Exhibiting at a trade show or similar event often comes at a hefty cost, and you want to maximize your sales and ROI during this short event to make the entire effort worthwhile. Similar to working directly with show organizers, some of what we do for show exhibitors can be: booth highlight videos, interviews, product demos, time-lapse, social media videos and much more.

Booth and Attendee Interviews – Management and important customers are there. Interviews provide a means to give out the latest information, get testimonials and more. Often this can be setup so that passerby’s get to see and hear what is going on and even live streamed in a studio setup at their booth.

Business and Social Media Marketing Video

I’m sure you’ve noticed your social media feeds are flooded with videos and even short advertisements on almost every platform. Over a billion hours of social video are consumed each day. Also note that 50% of companies increased their video budget in 2017. (Vidyard).

It’s safe to say that your audience is on social media and companies are looking to improve and expand on their video marketing efforts. Having a personal message they can identify you with is an advantage to building trust.

Product demos, testimonials, meet the staff, creative promos, how to use your product, etc. are some examples of business and social media marketing videos we can produce for you to post as well as being directly on your website.

Continuing Education

Many professional licenses require that periodic continuing education units (CE or CME for Continuing Medical Education) be completed to maintain accreditation. In today’s hectic world more professionals, like real estate agents, accountants, doctors, and attorneys are opting to take these required programs online and through video.

At Aardvark Video we create Continuing Education videos and even live webcasts for education providers, allowing for professionals to keep their certificates and licenses.

We had a client that had us live-stream their educational seminars and after the event produce DVD set. They were wildly successful and had an ROI 6 times what the video cost.

Medical Video Production

Medical professionals deal with complex and sensitive health topics. Medical practices have the responsibility of marketing their services as well as being helpful and informative to current and potential patients. Aardvark Video has decades of experience helping medical professionals communicate through video.

Physician videos can answer potential patient’s most important questions: What is the doctor like? What are the practice’s capabilities? Can they help me? There are many other uses for medical video production, such as:

And Much More!

Basically, if you’re a company or organization with a video need we can help you! We also have experience in broadcast commercials, music videos, red carpet events, legal video, non-profits, political events and campaigns, sports and more.

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