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Live Video Streaming Services

Las Vegas Live Video Streaming Services

Offering Cutting Edge Live Video Streaming Services

Aardvark Video & Media Productions is the premiere provider of live video streaming services in Las Vegas.

Video streaming makes it possible to get content out to a broad audieTriCaster_Mini_front_640nce beyond those that can physically attend an event. This can be a tremendous cost-saver as a means to mitigate travel expense. It can also generate significant revenue as real time pay-per-view or as subsequent online files and DVD sets made from the content.

Live video streaming can be used for various events such as; meetings, presentations, training sessions, continuing education, interviews, lectures, concerts, political coverage, sports and more.

Aardvark Video uses the latest sophisticated Tricaster hardware which gives our clients, you, the opportunity to have what amounts to a complete TV Studio at your disposal with multi-cameras and computers mixed and live-switched, video clip inserts, titling, virtual sets, green screen capability and more. All this designed to make your company or event the must see program that you want.

Here are some of the most popular live video streaming services we offer:

  • Live event video production
  • HD Video StreamingLive Stream Shoot Collage
  • Live switching with up to 4 HD video cameras and 2 computers
  • Conceptualization of your show
  • Consulting
  • Show formatting
  • Scripting
  • Show flow design
  • Site surveying
  • Off-location video shoots and edits
  • Stage management
  • Full production team management and equipment
  • Streaming
  • Live-stream monitoring during the show
  • Affiliate and/or partner site development
  • Integration / monetization assistance
  • Online marketing
  • Post show file delivery as online files and/or DVD sets
  • Monetization with pay-per-view, subscriptions, advertising, shopping carts or similar options

Experience how live video streaming of your event can increase your audience!

When you choose to use our live video streaming services for  your event, your options for both reach and monetization increase dramatically.

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