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What is Business and Social Media Video?

Video for Business is commonly referred to as Corporate Video Production. And, Social Media videos for engagement on your Website, on Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more fall into the broad category of “Business Video for Marketing.”

Videos convert viewers into customers because they are more likely to buy your products if they see them. Customers on mobile (most are) crave videos. Video on social media receives higher engagement than any other content format. To stay ahead of your competition, you must rely on video content or your voice will get lost amid all the online noises.


Some Types of Corporate Video

Our professional business video production services can produce online and broadcast Commercials, Promotional Videos, Product Demos, Training Videos, Internal Business Communications, Instructional or “How-To” videos for customers, videos for Sale or Distribution as DVDs or online, Trade Show and Convention Video, plus much more.

“There are too many types of video for businesses to mention but if you’ve seen a business video, we’ve probably done something similar.”


What About Virtual Meetings and Live-Streaming Business Video

Recent years have seen the proliferation of Live-Streaming and who hasn’t been on a Zoom meeting?  We’ve been live-streaming for years and Virtual Meetings and Live-Streaming are now expected in your business communications.  Aardvark Video can design and produce virtual meetings and even complete Virtual Trade Shows and Conferences

Why Use Video?

It is important that a business communicate its message in the most effective manner possible and as a means of enticing and retaining customers. Video can be the best way to craft and tailor a message an organization wants to communicate and essentially share that message with viewers all over the world 24/7.

If you are a company with a tremendous product, service, or an idea and you want to tell everyone about it in a concise, accurate, repeatable manner, reaching an audience larger than you could ever reach personally and your problem is that no one knows about it!  Our corporate video production services can help you solve the problem.

“A properly designed website with a business video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google.”


Why Hire Us?

Aardvark Video has over 30 years of experience in creating effective corporate videos and has hundreds of satisfied clients to back that up. Our team becomes part of your team making sure video will help achieve your goals.

And we can help with Search Engine Optimization to make certain your video gets as much viewing as we can.

Aardvark Video is a fully licensed and insured complete Video and Virtual Production Company. We provide planning, supervision, execution, and follow-up and don’t just show up with a bunch of equipment and start shooting like hiring a freelancer.

We begin by learning about your company and who your target audience is. We analyze your branding and how you approach marketing so we can craft a video that is in line with your style and communicates the clearest, most effective message.  Hiring a video company isn’t like buying a commodity where the only difference is price.

“It’s more like the difference between hiring a good surgeon or a bad surgeon for your operation.”


Some of The Clients We’ve Helped

IBM, Amazon Affiliates, Panasonic, Technicolor, Sony, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Samsung, Mobil Oil, GES, Freeman AV, and hundreds more as well as the states of New York and Nevada are but a few of the corporations and organizations that have put their trust in us to create their videos.

“And, they love to work with us because we make the process understandable and stress-free.  You will too!”

We take your production from concept to delivery all within your budget. From a small single-camera presentation to a large-scale multiple-camera live production, Aardvark Video is the best choice in Las Vegas for any type of corporate video production.

If you want to create an engaging, informative, and effective video, contact us now for a Free No-Obligation chat.


How To Contact Us

Give us a call at 702-897-4477 , toll-free at 800-692-4445, or contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your ideas and brainstorm a video concept for solving your problems and satisfying your needs.