What does it cost?

Naturally this is our most asked question so we placed it on top of this page just for you! The truth is there are many factors that determine the final cost of video production services. We’ll gladly provide some rates and price points here but understand that every video shoot is unique and to provide a more accurate estimate for your specific event, we’d need all the details such as; hours/days, pre-planning requirements, location requirements, equipment and number of cameras needed, etc.

If this is your first time planning a video shoot, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation and expert advice; we enjoy educating and sharing knowledge! Here’s some basic pricing:

Video crews are frequently booked for trade shows, conventions, and other corporate events where the client will want interviews, product demos, highlight videos, etc.

With over 30 years of experience we’ve learned to best serve you and to handle all the necessary equipment at these type events at least two people on a crew works best. Our basic crew includes two people and all the necessary equipment at $190/hour with a four-hour minimum ($760 minimum).

Equipment consists of a main camera with tripod, lighting kit, audio kit (including microphones), basic make-up, and a secondary gimbal mounted camera for smooth motion shots.

For a stationary camera operator – one person crew- with equipment it is $150 an hour with a three-hour minimum ($450 minimum). This would be for capturing presentations and similar on-stage events where the technician and equipment is not moving around.

Sometimes clients will call and say our presentation is only an hour but they fail to realize that equipment needs to be setup and tested and interfaced with the onsite AV equipment and that after the presentation they may want us to copy files onsite and then remove the equipment

For post-production editing services it is $125 dollars per hour.

There are many, many more options and services we offer such as green screen setup’s, teleprompters, live streaming, multiple-cameras, extensive audio and lighting needs, wireless video, aerial drone footage, spokes models and so much more – we are your one-stop video production partner!

Just get in touch and tell us about your project so that together we can design the best plan.

For larger events that require a significant number of hours and/or equipment we can offer some pricing flexibility, just call us at (702) 897-4477.

How long will it take to have my finished video?

This is entirely up to you! If you need to meet a specific deadline just let us know; our team has literally worked through the night to meet client deadlines. If there isn’t a deadline it all depends on what’s involved such as animations and graphics, the amount of footage, any necessary edit changes that need to be made, etc. You let us know how much time you’d like to put into your final edited video.

How will I receive the footage or video?

We are also very flexible with handling files and will do what works best for each client. We can transfer raw files to a hard drive (either yours or ours that we’ll sell to you), send an email with downloadable links, upload online for previewing, or even mail/ship you the hard drive, it’s up to the client how they’d like to receive the material. Once payment has been received our clients have full rights to the files.

Can we make a video inside a casino or the Las Vegas Strip?

Professional video cameras are not allowed in or around casino floors. Some major hotel and casino properties also have strict union regulations; you can try requesting to bring in your own video company. Call us to learn more about union regulations: (702) 897-4477. We do often shoot in hotel rooms. As far as the Las Vegas Strip you are required to have a permit to shoot although there are ways to work around this. Again, we’ll gladly go over any of your questions in detail at (702) 897-4477

Why did I receive a lower estimate from another company or videographer?

Often we find that when people are looking to hire a video production company they only use pricing to make their decision instead of looking at the company’s experience, equipment they are using, do they understand your goals, have they done similar work in the past, etc.

Next time you are price shopping video companies, just be aware that you may get what you pay for when going that route!

Today almost anyone with some technological knowledge and a camera (or a smart phone) can be an amateur videographer. Most likely they wouldn’t have employees to pay or any overhead and therefore can charge very low rates.

We are a fully licensed and insured company with the experience and infrastructure to handle any job and any unforeseen circumstances that may occur while on a job. Shopping around for the cheapest rates can be a critical mistake. Don’t worry about budget concerns, get in touch to see what we can do for you: (702) 897-4477

What are the Three Phases of Video Production?

Every video production project is unique and requirements can be either more or less for your project. However, this is a description to help you understand the process for a typical scripted video and the three phases of video production that typically take place.

Phases of Video Production: Pre-Production

The video process starts with a “Pre-Production” phase where in meetings with your organization and us, everyone will decide and agree on what your message is and what you want your audience to do after they see it. From there a script is built which includes a description of the shots, required graphics, animations, narrative or dialogue and music. We will scout the locations where shooting is planned and determine such things as if it is too noisy, when is the sun in the right place and other issues such as lighting needs that must be included in the plan.  If actors or your people on camera are needed, we’ll work on casting and selection.  During this stage a schedule for shooting will be developed.

Phases of Video Production: Production

On the actual shoot, the “Production” phase, we’ll have someone responsible for camera operation, lighting, sound, make-up and directing the action while being certain the planned scenes transition properly (continuity). Someone also may be logging (keeping track) of which recorded shots are the ones that will be used and monitoring the script to be certain every required shot is accomplished.  If actions, even something that seems as simple as moving a lever, must be videotaped, there may be numerous takes till the proper shot and timing is accomplished.  During this phase there are many options you can choose including teleprompters, make-up technicians, jibs, dollies and specialized lighting.

Phases of Video Production: Post-Production

Once the videotaping is completed, the project enters what is called “Post-Production”. This is the editing phase and today this is done on computers with lots of hard drive storage. The selected takes are digitized, trimmed, and arranged on a timeline in editing software. Animations, transitions between shots, graphics, voiceovers, music and all the other required pieces are created, added, timed, paced and manipulated in the computer. If a voice-over (VO) for narration is done, it will typically be in a sound booth or sound studio with the voice timed to the action in the script. It is also in this phase where the finished video can be encoded into a format where it can be viewed on the web and possibly streamed.

For even a short three-minute video, between planning, shooting and editing, it can take many man-hours.

These are all things we do helping you to understand and provide your input on the process every step of the way.  So that you get what you need, we will rely on you  to input on the projects objectives, provide information on your company, schedule your people, who may be in the video, and setup logistics if video will be shot on your facilities. As the project progresses you’ll also provide ongoing input and review the progress.

In any project like this “Your Vision Becomes Our Vision” and we share the ownership and commitment to success that you have.