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“They get involved with our projects and make our customers happy. The client is happy with Aardvark Video’s ability to take care of their video editing needs smoothly. They lead a responsive process with quick turnaround times to ensure the project’s success. The team also praises their ability to collaborate with local unions.”

Testimonial - Executive, Marketing Company

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“Their ability to create and deliver a great product was impressive. The final video received high praise from internal stakeholders — they were all impressed with its quality. Aardvark Video took over the entire production process, leveraging its strong project management skills to produce top-notch outputs on time. Overall, they were really good at what they do.”

Testimonial - Account Manager, Event Planning Company

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“They were outstanding. The company was happy with the final video product, which they’d use for their marketing efforts. The Aardvark Video team’s workflow was good; they communicated well and set expectations clearly. They were committed to understanding the client’s needs to ensure they meet the project’s requirements.

Testimonial - Stephen Daniel, Employee Benefits Consultant, Insurance Office of America

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“There aren’t many DVD authoring and duplication services in the country I’d trust, but Aardvark has earned my trust! The company is happy with Aardvark Video’s services and quick turnaround times. The DVDs are always delivered on time, and the team makes the process easy and seamless. Their follow-ups are quick, and the quality of their services allows them to earn the client’s confidence in their work.”

Testimonial - Karl Kirbie, Manager of Content Creation, Freeman

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“The team asked questions and were very open with ideas to make the videos pop for the end-user. Aardvark Video successfully completed the videos, which were used on various media campaigns. They cultivated a positive collaboration through regular updates and an organized approach. Overall, their dedication to the project complemented their technical expertise.”

Testimonial - Timothy Ward, Project Lead, HVAC Manufacturing Company

Comment from our blog post:

“Richard DePaso and the team at Aardvark Video did an amazing job on very short notice, not only for LVMGP (Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix) but for our other Las Vegas Territory members as well. Each video is well put together and contains just the right amount of information regarding our COVID safety protocols. Visitors have many, many safe options for attractions and tours when visiting Las Vegas, and these videos are an excellent source of information. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Testimonial - Gina Mann, Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

Excerpt from client email:

We’re so thankful for your team for being able to help us out, especially considering the crunch time.

They were so great to work with. We have plenty of projects coming up and will definitely be considering Aardvark given how fantastic everyone was to work with!”

ShireenRBC Capital Markets

Excerpt from client email:

“You continually went above and beyond expectations throughout this project. I have nothing more to add, it was perfect! Thanks for everything and powering through an impossible situation!”

ClayFreeman AV

Excerpt from client email:

“I can vouch for Richard and Aardvark. They are a cut above the rest and have never let my clients down. These are the guys I turn to when I need it to be perfect the first time.”

JasonFreeman AV

Google review:

“These guys did a spectacular job at every aspect of production from time management, photography, and overall professionalism. I would definitely recommend them. We are so excited to see the videos come out! American Water Works Association had a conference in Las Vegas. The best shoot yet!”

DianaAmerican Water Works Association