Why Video for Business Is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Why Video for Business Is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Aardvark Video Shares Their Knowledge and Experience on Why Video for Business Is a Powerful Marketing Tool.

Richard DePaso, owner of Aardvark Video, recently gave his presentation on “Video for Business” inRichard DePaso - Video Production Tips - Video for Business Presentation Las Vegas, NV with the intent to educate the public and fellow business owners on the importance of using video as a tool.

There are many businesses that don’t understand the benefits and results they can generate by using video as part of their marketing mix, for training , and for SEO advantages. One of our goals when putting together this presentation was to be able to demonstrate through facts, statistics and success stories that video in today’s online world is rapidly growing and when used properly as a tool can lead to business success.

We touched on various topics in an attempt to breakdown subjects that can be confusing to those outside of the video industry, including the video production process itself, technical aspects of video, how to use video to boost online and social media presence, and much more.

Our intent wasn’t to sell or impress with what we can do, but to educate and expand the audiences’ knowledge on when and how video for business can help them, how to correctly go about creating it, and also the tools available for their own use if a video by a professional video production company is not in their plans.

The presentation starts off with something we think is very important, when not to make a video. We try to make it clear that there must be a planned approach when deciding to make a video for business, you don’t just want to jump into it. A clear, concise message and any goal or objective trying to be reached must be thought out before hand.

We mentioned video for business success stories,  such as a company that went from a closing rate of Video Production Tips - Video for Business Presentationunder 30% to between 60 and 80% using a video we produced that showed the advantages of using their company. This tends to capture people’s attention!

We then went into “Video Trends and Facts” where we shared some mind-boggling statistics and current online video trends. The recurring fact that cannot be denied is that online video is rapidly growing, the amount of time spent watching online video has continued to spike and is expected to account for well over 50% of online traffic by next year. There were many more stats and supporting facts discussed throughout the presentation.

We described what goes into the “3 Phases of Video Production” in detail. During this section we broke down the Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production phase. Most people have no idea how to get started and the effort and amount of time it takes to create a professional video for business.

Another topic was the “Technical Aspects of Video” where we tried to simplify the technicalities of video such as; file size, resolution, encoding for web and mobile devices, 4k technology, and more.

One of the more important topics was “Solving Problems and Achieving Objectives with Video.” Here we breakdown the types of problems that a company may have where a professional video can really bring in huge benefits. The audience enjoyed video examples and q & a.

Something that every company large and small has been forced to deal with is online presence, including managing their website, SEO, etc. This is why we cover “Optimizing Video for Online Viewing and SEO.” We spent the time to research, talk to experts, along with implementing our own knowledge and experience with SEO and video for business to ensure that we can give the audience some very valuable tips and information.

We also shared various types of “Video Tools” both novice and professional to educate the audience on not only some of the software that a professional video production company may use, but also easy-to-use, inexpensive tools available that would allow anyone to create an effective video for business.

Below is a highlight reel of this presentation.

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