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Video Production Pricing CarsVideo Production Pricing DoctorOne of the first questions we usually get from a person or company interested in video for business use is, “What are the video production costs associated with professional videos?”

The answer may surprise you: it can be remarkably affordable! However, video production pricing is determined by a number of variables, so generally you will not find a one-size-fits-all system of pricing like a commodity item such as a quart of milk.  It’s more like buying a car, where there are differences in manufacturers and options so that your cost is really a function of what you want and need to do.  You could also compare it to shopping for a surgeon, where you want the person that will do the best job.

At Aarvark Video & Media Productions, we work with you to determine exactly what video production services are appropriate for your needs -as well as for your budget. When you contact us about our video production pricing, you will receive a custom quote that will take the following variables into account and give you choices:

1. Time: The more elaborate a video production is, the more time is required. More complex productions take more time in the planning, shooting and editing phases.  For example someone sitting and speaking into a camera can be relatively simple while shooting multiple people in multiple locations each reading a teleprompter will require more time

2. Talent: A more talented video production team will always produce a better product.  Talent is a function largely of experience and experience ensures that your team has the knowledge to understand your goals and satisfy your objectives.  We’ve been in business since 1987 serving clients from Microsoft and Mobil Oil down to local one-person shops.  This experience allows us to tailor your message based on what will work for you.

3. Tools: Most people have all the tools they need to produce a very simple video on their smart phone. But “you get what you pay for” and this couldn’t be truer with all the equipment and software needed to produce a professional looking video. Professional-level cameras, lighting kits and post-production editing suites, plus the people who know how to use them, need to be available and all cost money.

At Aardvark Video & Media Productions, our video production crews typically consist of two technicians and cost $190/hr with a minimum of 3 hours for the shoot. Editing services are $125/hr.  Scripting and other Pre-Production tasks are $100/hr. Therefore, a typical 2-3 minute corporate video production, from start to finish, can be expected to run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000-$4,000. With the addition of other premium video production equipment and services (including green screens, telempromptors, advanced lighting setups, high-end graphics, animation, multiple locations, make-up technicians, scripting needs,  etc.) the cost, as well as the value and professional appearance of the result, can go up from there.

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