Video Production at a Goldmine

One of the more interesting jobs we did this week was driving up to Beatty, Nevada to videotape and take still images of a “goldmine”.  This was for a new claim that was next to a mine that had produced a tremendous amount of gold but was now nothing but a huge hole in a mountain.

We drove to Beatty on US 95, past the facility where all the drones flying in Iraq and Afghanistan are controlled as well as a prison facility and into the little town of Beatty where the speed limit drops from 65MPH to 25MPH in a few feet. Naturally there was a sheriff giving a ticket to some hapless driver as we pulled in.

We used our iPhones to try to find the location and ended up driving for miles on a burro trail with holes and ruts as big as our tires. We were in two SUVs and fortunately my Nissan Murano and the GMC Yukon Denali had high enough clearance to make it.

After spending an hour on the wrong road we turned around and went to a different mountain. Here we saw what a mine really looks like. Picture a mountain with a slice taken completely out. We walked in the slice with the sides of the mountain at least a quarter mile high on each side of us. The texture of the rock was very diverse with black, orange, red, gray and other colors which is indicative of the areas where gold is found.

I took video and my helper Jason shot stills. We used a tripod for a number of panorama shots and also handheld where the terrain was uneven. We also took video and stills of the old buildings which were part of the Rhyolite Mine.

Probably the highlight of the trip was when we stopped for dinner at the only restaurant in Beatty. The waitress was thrilled to have all these out of towners and made what she called her specialty, turkey sandwiches. There were real cowboys coming in and out, chickens in the back yard and it was definitely rural Nevada. While we were eating, I showed the footage we shot on a monitor I brought so we could be certain we got enough of what was needed.

We left Las Vegas at 2PM and were back by 11:30PM; we dropped off the people with us at Encore and called it a night.

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    • Actually, it is a big hole in the ground similar to what a glacier would do. With this type mining they don’t dig into the ground they cut a path through a mountain. I’ll try to get the footage posted.

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