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Video for Business: Client Testimonials

Video for Business: Client Testimonials

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Aardvark Video & Media Productions has been creating video for business for over twenty years. During that time we’ve had innumerable satisfied customers. Here is just a sample of what some our clients have to say about us:

I can vouch for Richard and Aardvark. They are a cut above the rest and have never let my clients down. These are the guys I turn to when I need it to be perfect the first time.
(Jason Tine, Client Solutions Director at Freeman AV)

Luis did a great job! We look forward to having your company at our next party!
(Amanda P., Office Manger at Discount Tire)

Thank you so much for working with us. We received the most positive feedback on the live video streaming!
(Hayley D., Video and Digital Production Manager at Calix)

The video looks great, really nice job. Just what I was looking for and thinking you could pull it off!
(David E, Principal Consultant at Sabae Group)

Richard, we received the footage and it looks great!
(Gabe S, Associate, Business Development at Language of Caring)

Many thanks to each of you, for your patience and flexibility. We truly appreciated it! 
(Hailey Lee, Associate Producer on Power Lunch at CNBC)

You continually went above and beyond expectations throughout this project. I have nothing more to add, it was perfect! Thanks for everything and powering through an impossible situation!
(Clay Cook, Client Solutions Manager, Freeman AV)

The footage looked, sounded, and keyed great! Nice job!
(Buddy Broyles, Lead Producer, Noble Video Productions, LLC)

“Technicolor is over-the-moon happy with our arrangement and so thankful you could go the three days.”
(Technicolor at CES 2016)

“I appreciate the excellent work done by you and your team in creating our promotional video.”
(Joseph DeMaria, Founder & President, Americana Safety)

“We had great feedback regarding the live-stream and really appreciated the support you provided. It was great working with you!”
(Tarah Walsh, Campaign Support Coordinator, Center for Community Change)

“The entire process couldn’t have gone better– thanks! I’m glad we found and decided to go with Aardvark Video!”
(Tolu Folarin, Senior Web Developer, Center for Community Change)

“The video is fantastic. I just e-mailed it out to 1000 people yesterday! Thank you.”
(Show Coordinator, Central Garden Distribution)

“Fantastic!!! I’m very pleased with the finished product. Thank you for bringing my vision to life.”
(Brandy Adcock, Customer Marketing Manager, Central Garden Distribution)

“I received the files and they were exactly what I needed. Thank you for all of your help!”
(Jennifer Bruzewski, Marketing Communications Manager, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc)

“Wow, I love it! Thank you.”
(Alan Borem, Show Coordinator, Central Garden Distribution)

“The video is absolutely fantastic! It is so thorough and easy to follow the instructions, adding the visuals completely tells the story. I can’t wait to send this out to ALL OF OUR MEMBERS letting them know that our experience and end result with Richard DePaso and Aardvark Video was excellent and the end product surpassed ALL our expectations!!!”
(Clair Zeto, CEO of The Social Register of Las Vegas)

“WOW! I am blown away. Aardvark Video did a phenomenal job! They really made me sound and look good! The music, screen shots, images, and context added all match perfectly and pulls the video together. It really gives members a great visual.”
(Mary Grace Yniguez, Director of Operations, The Social Register of Las Vegas)

“What a treat and joy to work with Richard and his team. It was an absolute pleasure and I think you and the team did a fabulous job. You did everything you said you would and more and exceeded my expectations. Could not be happier in every aspect of the services you provided.”
(Chris Q., Media Company Owner)

“Richard is a multi-talented business owner. His technical skills and abilities are unparalleled. He possesses the rare combination of subject matter expertise, industry experience and customer facing sensitivity. He probes deeply for what his customers need, not just what they “say” they require. As a result, his team consistently produces quality results tailored to the customer’s unique requirements.”
(Rich A., Training Company CEO)

“They’re smart, creative and learn our subject thoroughly which translates to smooth shoots and no expensive redos. They have a unique ability to put the correct words in the mouths of speakers without any embarrassment to the speaker.”
(James O, PR Company Owner)

“They listen, they’re patient but persistent, translate what they hear into an effective message, make the message clear in the video, respect our company culture and employees, work on a schedule and price their product fairly.”
(Ric S, Non-Profit Director)

“They’re very experienced, flexible, suggest constructive changes to scripting and content rather than accepting something inadequate; always meet our timeframes and charge a fair and reasonable rate.”
(Peter E., Technology Company CEO)

“The scope of the project was changed several times. Aardvark was very accommodating and worked with us to provide the final product the client requested. Aardvark really took control when needed and completed it very quickly with little direction. We were impressed how they took the initiative to learn our subject matter and provide a quality product. We couldn’t have done it without them.”
(Michelle K , Mining Company Coordinator)

“Great job recording my presentation, Thank you.”
(Mark J., Presenter and Coach)

“The video is beyond my expectations… thank you.”
(Alan Borem, Show Coordinator, Central Garden Distribution)

“We’ve worked with Aardvark & Richard for video productions in Las Vegas in the past. They’re very professional to work with and Richard has good insights on video. I’d encourage anyone to attend a future presentation on video by this team.”
(Sam Simon, Director of Multimedia, Cygnus)

“Excellent, receptive attitude and highly professional. Aardvark went above and beyond capturing footage of the event and interviewing my subject.”
(Ken Smith, Owner, Kenzmyth Productions)

“I was impressed with how easy it is to work with everybody, they’re always looking for the best way to do things, shots, what would be better, what works, what does not work, etc.”
(Morris Peterson , President & CEO, Ashbury Precision Ordinance)