Strategic Real Estate Convention Recording

We just finished 3 hectic days of video taping a convention for a dynamic company that trains on how to do real estate “Short Sales”.  I have to say this is a great company and a great bunch of people who attend.  The information was so important to the attendees that they showed up at 6:30AM and stayed till the end usually around 9PM.  Mot of the people there are young and very bright and making hundreds of thousands of dollars/year.

For us to video tape is a grueling process.  We ended up with over 30 hours of footage for the 3 days.  That included taping the speakers and doing interviews.  To save editing time,  we record directly to a hard drive and give the hard drive to our customer at the end of the session.  This is by far the most efficient method and we are very proficient at it.  Our setup includes, on a platform, a Sony DSR300 recording to a laptop using Adobe OnLocation with an external drive.  We use an audio mixer to balance speakers, a camera monitor and a larger computer monitor.  We record directly to tape also as a backup.

This setup is available to any customers that want to record seminars or separate speakers.  For shorter segments, we can provide the files on USB Flash Memory.  If you have questions on this, give us a call on 800-692-4445 or via email

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