Speeding the Transition to Virtual Meetings, Trade Shows and Online Events

Speeding the Transition to Virtual Meetings, Trade Shows and Online Events

Speeding the Transition to Virtual Meetings, Trade Shows & Online Events

One of the few plusses of the Pandemic is the world accelerated the transition to virtual meetings and online collaboration as a way to avoid travel and expedite safely getting business done.

I don’t think there are many business people these days who haven’t been in a Zoom meeting. As this was happening, we welcomed people becoming more comfortable with technology and video because that has been our business for over 33 years and we wanted them to see the advantages.

We Have the Experience!

At Aardvark Video we’ve produced Live-Streaming and Live Trade Shows for a very long time. Webinars, Meetings, and online events such as Virtual Trade Shows all evolve from that technology. To us, it is nothing new, and making the “pivot” from live events to a virtual world wasn’t difficult.

An Online Trade Show can be Totally Virtual or Live Hybrid/Virtual

A “Virtual Trade Show” or “Event” can be totally virtual or a combination of live and remote online. All the features of a live show can be in a virtual or live hybrid/virtual version.

A Virtual Trade Show, Meeting or Event Can Include:

• Robust Registration Systems with or without payment portals
• Online Virtual Trade Show Booths having capabilities for booth personnel to chat with attendees, set up meetings, provide videos and collateral material. The exhibitor can track booth visits with automatically summarized Lead Generation and more.
• Attendees can view a total agenda or set up a custom version of what they would like to do complete with calendars and reminders.
• There can be simultaneous “Track Session” breakout rooms for presentations as well as Keynotes with Remote Presenters and live Q&A
• Attendees and Exhibitors can network with each other in video chats, schedule appointments, have group chats based on subject and much more
• Entertainment can be provided
• Attendees can watch presentations after they have been presented and/or move from room to room in real-time or on-demand.

. . . and a record of everything viewed can be stored for attendees with all the lead generation material automatically compiled for presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Our “Pivot” to Virtual

Because we have the experience and equipment for this type of project, we’ve transitioned to being able to not only offer our traditional capabilities for “B2B Live Video Production” including Commercials, Marketing, Sales Aids, Social Media, and Training video, but to offer capabilities for “Virtual Trade Shows” and “Enhanced Virtual Meetings”, “Live-Streaming with Remote Speakers” and more, all designed to help business operate more efficiently during the Pandemic and after.

Learn more about Live-Streaming and Virtual Events we can provide on our website HERE

If you’d like more information, we can be reached at AardvarkVideo@gmail.com or via phone at 702-

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