Something Different – How to Improve Your Golf Swing

This is certainly off topic from our video production business. However I find it so exciting that I want to share it.

We moved to Las Vegas just about 10 years ago from the terrible weather in NY where we had a video production company since 1987. Since that time in addition to building a successful, busy video production company here in Las Vegas we’ve had an opportunity to learn how to play golf. I’m not young; I’m 66 years old and I started golf 5 years ago when I was 61 so unlike the people who have an automatic swing from years of swinging a club I had to teach my body the mechanics while limited by the reduction of flexibility age brings.

Now my video production company is busy and I don’t have the time that many people have so it’s taken me a little longer to learn. Recently my swing took a quantum leap in distance and accuracy by making one very minor change. I’ve watched videos, took lessons, watched other people swinging, read articles and none of that helped because it is difficult to make your body do what someone is trying to explain. With that in mind I’m going to give you a very simple hint in easy to understand language that has done wonders for me.

I’m left-handed and started off playing left-handed. However, I have a bad left ankle from a car accident 35 years ago and after the first year of learning golf, a golf pro I took lessons from had me switch to right handed so I could push off better. Many players golf different than their dominant hand including Phil Mickelson so this wasn’t a big stretch. This worked for a year and a half and I was getting better and was able to hit well until I hurt my back so badly using different muscles than my natural left-handed swing that I had to visit a Chiropractor for 3 months.

After this I went back to left-handed and found that my swing lost the natural power that I had previously and I couldn’t figure out why. I was probably overthinking the mechanics and trying to do everything right. Now after another couple of years I seem to have found the answer and this is the hint I want to give you.

Most beginning golfers make the mistake I was making and that is swinging more with your arms than your body. I’ve increased my drives by at least 40 yards, right down the middle by doing three things:

-I hold the club very loosely in my hands
-I concentrate on keeping the golf shaft pointed right at the center of my chest (as close to at a right angle -90 degrees – as possible) both on the back swing and the forward swing – this makes my body turn as opposed to my arms swinging and also guarantees a proper weight transfer and follow through.
-I don’t try to hit the ball, only to swing the club. This helps to avoid decelerating and stopping the follow-through on contact.

If you are having trouble with distance, slicing or other inconsistencies, try this. I hope it works for you like it did for me.

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