ShopBest Shopping – Online shopping mall

Every now and then we hear about something that is a great value that we want to share with our clients and fans. Getting discounts and cash back points redeemable for cash when you shop online is just that.

2 out of 3 people currently shop online so we feel it makes sense to save or make money on what you are already doing. ShopBest is an online shopping mall with over 3000 stores including everything from Nordstrums to Target with major airlines, car rentals, electronics stores, drugstores and just about anywhere else people shop online.

You can get a free toolbar and use it to browse and shop. Everytime you even browse you earn points. So you can make money just by “window shopping”. There are no gimmicks to this and it is totally free. You don’t have to give a lot of personal information only your name and email address. It is spam and spyware free.

It has another level if you want to make money. Here is where if you become an affiliate you can get cash back and discounts for just giving the Free Toolbar away and more if others become affiliates. There is a video where you can learn more and get the Free Toolbar. Follow this link:

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