Recent Projects-Chris Steely & Scryptions

We recently finished two really exciting and fun projects. The first was a marketing video for well known Las Vegas business coach Chris Steely. It was designed to show how Chris was different than most business coaches by having a unique blend of experiences including being a Marine, an MBA in Business, Extensive World Traveler and a Seasoned Coach. It was 2:46 minutes and captured Chris’s essence in a fast-paced motivating manner.

Our second project was due on a very short time frame for a company that produces and manages a medical transcription system. We had one day to shoot and three days to edit and produce a video which would be used as a keynote at a pending convention. We started by setting up a green screen for chroma keying in the Scryptions office and shooting the owner of the company presenting on camera. This took a full day. In order to get the work done, we put two editors on the project full time and were able to get 60 hours of editing into the remaining three days. This was a good example of ramping up our services to serve a customers needs.

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