We recently finished a video for Tech Art to provide Dealer Training on the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game. This game is in place in most Las Vegas casinos and in others throughout the world. It is shown to all dealers when the game is installed and also when new dealers are hired. It adds utility as a guide for supervisors providing direction and insights on monitoring the game. This video has successfully mitigated the amount of travel Tech Art does to train dealers. Also, it gives the correct, complete message every time in an easy to understand format avoiding human frailties of omission. Delivered in both DVD and VHS, it serves as an easily accessible resource in the casinos.


Las Vegas Window Tinting specializes utilizing Huper Optik ceramic film. This product blocks Ultraviolet and Infrared light while allowing Visible light to shine through providing a clear view day and night without being shiny or very dark. With the many tinting companies in town, they needed to differentiate their product from the rest. We produced this 7 minute video which pointed up the advantages and is used by their sales force to demonstrate to potential customers.

Convention Coverage

Checkpoint Systems is a manufacturer of the latest technology for electronic tagging of merchandise. This allows computer monitoring of inventory, flow status, shelf activity and security. At a recent convention held at Caesar’s Palace, they had speakers from all over the world. To capture all the valuable information and have it available for distribution, they hired us to videotape the convention including a product demonstration which is being used successfully to market and provide understanding of the technology.


Carl Pride has recently joined us as an editor. He brings years of Non-Linear Editing experience and station management skills to the table. His patient and efficient demeanor is an asset appreciated by our many clients.

Allyson Ashihara comes to us from the Art Institute of Las Vegas. Her wonderful attitude and work ethic are allowing her to quickly learn the business. Currently she is caring for website revisions, administration and editing projects.

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