A New Streaming/Switching Solution

A New Streaming/Switching Solution

With more and more companies streaming we at Aardvark Video are working towards reducing the amount of equipment needed and with that, the cost to our customers.  Recently we got to try out a brand new streaming/switching solution that consists of a compact 4-input PVS0403U switcher from AVMatrix during a podcast for a client, Docsology at the “Innovation Race” conference in Las Vegas (see info on conference below).

Streaming/switching solution Features

This unit can input 2 HDMI and 2 SDI inputs and with converters we have, any combination of those plus the opportunity for more inputs through other switcher units daisy chained.  That means if you have a Blackmagic Atem or other switcher with an HDMI or SDI program output you can add more inputs.

The really important features to us are not only an HDMI Multiview output to see all the sources at once on a convenient built-in 10-inch foldable screen, but two program HDMI outputs and, two audio inputs – either line or mic selectable.

What We Did

This podcast consisted of a three-camera shoot with one HDMI output connected to a Blackmagic Focus Assist Monitor/Recorder to record the mixed program output.  In the future, adding PTZ cameras and a camera controller, one operator can mix a computer input such as a PowerPoint presentation and three cameras.

New Streaming/Switching Solution with operator
operator and equipment

Other Features of our streaming/switching solution

The unit has many more features that we didn’t have to use including Picture-in-picture, graphic insertion, and green screen capability.

Connected to a laptop through the unit’s USB-C port, using OBS, Wirecast, or other interfaces, this setup can stream to YouTube, Facebook, or pretty much any other streaming location.

Next week we are highly looking forward to using this unit to record a series of presentations while also mixing speakers and having the PowerPoint streamed to YouTube.

So far we are more than pleased with the performance and convenience.

Information on Innovation Race Conference

For the past century, America has been the world leader in ideas, invention, and innovation. Developing new technologies to solve complex issues as well as tools to make our lives more comfortable and efficient is the realization of the American dream for many. But our grip on ‘world leader’ status is loosening as China has emerged as a powerful political and industrial force. Today China is threatening American innovation and national security by exploiting weaknesses in US patent protection, and big tech is letting them get away with it. Innovation Race explores these critical issues impacting all Americans and proposes solutions for how we can restore US dominance in invention, technology, and innovation.

Innovation Race image
Innovation Race

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