Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive Website

Do You Have a Mobile Responsive Website?

We try to pay attention to changes in what Google is looking for to impact rankings. Rankings are what determines where you show up on a Google search when someone uses specific search terms which describe what you do. For example, one of the search terms people use when searching for a company that does what we do is “Las Vegas video production.” For people to find us, it is obviously best to show up on the first page people come to when searching.

On April 21, 2015 Google implemented a new set of rules (also known as algorithms) which put a priority onmobile-friendly_google how “mobile responsive” a website is. Mobile responsive really is how well a website is designed to display on mobile devices. With this new algorithm release, the more mobile responsive, the more likely Google’s search engine will find a site. Statistics show that 75% of all web traffic is currently being viewed on mobile devices, so it makes sense for Google to want to enhance the efficiency of the viewer’s mobile experience.

Our website,, is considered to be mobile friendly. However, it does contain quite a bit of description and content which we felt slowed down browsing on mobile devices. We’ve spent a great deal of time on this site and felt it was working effectively. However, in addition to being optimized for mobile, there were other online needs we wanted to implement such as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign and retargeting. We didn’t want to redo it or complicate it with additional pages more designed for marketing purposes.

Responsive-Mobile-themes2To address this rather than changing an effective website, we decided to build an entirely new site at which simplified the browsing process as well as gave us an opportunity to design targeted landing pages and expand our marketing presence.The Vegas Video Solutions website refers to itself as a subsidiary of Aardvark Video which it is.  The major theme and purpose was to ease mobile navigation and to provide samples of the many projects we do. We broke the site down to the major market segments we serve such as  trade show videos for show organizers and exhibitors, marketing and tools to generate sales, all forms of training video as well as marketing our capability for live-streaming business and trade show events, continuing education, seminars and meetings.

We invite you to take a look at and it’s effectiveness on your mobile device. We hope this gives you some ideas for your online presence.  Feel free to comment with feedback on this blog and our new website.

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