How Useful are Video Production Skills in the Current PR Job Market

One of the Linkedin groups I belong to recently had a thread on this subject. There were numerous comments, some good and some way out in left field. I decided to give my input in the thread:

“We are a video production company in Las Vegas and find that a client that has an understanding of the video process is a tremendous asset for their company and for us. The amount of planning that goes into a video is often overlooked by those not familiar with the process and without this knowledge people think you can just show up and produce a video. Our job is often to patiently walk them through the process so that they understand the steps that will occur. Even then, without actually experiencing it they can’t conceptualize what the process is. A PR person that knows video has already asked the key questions that we need answered: What is the purpose of the video? Who is the audience? What do you want them to do after watching it? What is the competitive advantage of the product or service? Are there collateral or proven successful materials that should be included? Is there established graphic branding to include? What is the budget range?”

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