How to Avoid Long Render Times with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder CS5.5

We’ve been doing a lot of projects with very long video sequences and multiple layers and it wasn’t unusual for the renders to take 6 or 8 hours for 1 hour sequence. We have very fast machines with i7 processors, fast graphic cards and 8-16 gigs of ram. For a long time we knew this wasn’t the way it was supposed to be but couldn’t find the answer. This week we solved the puzzle. Because our projects are very complicated and we didn’t want to lose any work, we’ve had our Premiere Pro autosave set to every five minutes. Premiere is open while Media Encoder is encoding from the timeline and what we found is that the autosave was slowing up the renders tremendously. Simply by turning off Premiere Pro autosave we got the rendering time down to 1/3 or 1/4 of what it was with the autosave on. I hope this helps anyone with similar problems.

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  1. Aardvark:

    This may work with all NLEs. Thanks. I have had Media 100 for 18 years and now I have to switch. I have looked long and hard at AP CS6 or CS5.5. I have FCP 5 but never use it. The majority says FCP, but in looking at the seminars on AP it seems more user friendly and I like that it easily works in sync with AE. I am also looking at Avid. Would you email me if you think AP is the best? Thanks so much. I am Mac’d.
    Heather Macdonald, Sierra Gold Productions, Auburn, CA

  2. What a tremendous tip and I am sure it took some detailed investigative work to solve this issue. My projects are much shorter but still aggravates me that a 10 minute project should take almost an hour to render. I will try your solution out this weekend and thanks again.

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