Carrie Fisher – Debbie Reynolds Celebrity Estate Auction

Carrie Fisher – Debbie Reynolds Celebrity Estate Auction

Aardvark Video Captures the Debbie Reynolds – Carrie Fisher Celebrity Estate Auction and creates a business promo video for McManus Auction in Las Vegas.

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher were part of an iconic line of Hollywood movie royalty.
Most people know Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia from the Star Wars episodes but unless you’ve been around for a while you may not remember when Debbie Reynolds was married to Eddie Fisher, and he left her to marry Debbie’s best friend Elizabeth Taylor, who then left him to marry Richard Burton. They are all intrinsically related and their lives intertwined for years.

Years back when a studio finished a movie, they often just threw out the costumes and props. Debbie Reynolds rescued much of that and put it in her collection. During that period and years later as Carrie Fisher became a staple of Star Wars, a tremendous amount of memorabilia was collected and now belongs to Todd Fisher, Carrie’s brother.

McManus Auctions is a huge well-kept building near Sunset and Sandhill in Las Vegas that conducts many estate and specialty sales. Last week they had a portion of Todd’s collection up for bid. It included many original Star Wars pieces and props from Carrie Fisher, hundreds of shoes from Debbie Reynolds, signed memorabilia, dresses worn by Elizabeth Taylor, props from movies and much more.
Aardvark Video was asked to provide a promo piece on the auction event. We did a site visit a month earlier to get a sense of what was there and afterwards, a day before the auction, we showed up for a video shoot with Patrick McManus, the owner. We followed that up with shooting portions of the auction the next day.
It was totally cool to see memorabilia more than 50 years old in pristine condition. We shot with two cameras and a two-person crew. Editing took a little bit more than one day, below is the video we produced.

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