Business Video Production Part 5 – Video Production and Business Success

Business Video Production Part 5 – Video Production and Business Success

Business Video Production

Part 5

Video Production and Business Success:


How Can a Video Production Company Help a Business Succeed?

I’m Richard DePaso the owner of Aardvark Video and the President of the Las Vegas Videographers Association and moderator of the Video Production Las Vegas Linkedin group. I’ve been in the video production business starting in 1987 in New York and for over 12 years living and doing Las Vegas video production here.

This blog is put together as a resource to share information among the video production community and also to provide information to people who are thinking of selecting a video production company for a video project and need additional information.

This article is something we put together years ago to show how a video production company can help a business grow. The message is more relevant today as video for business has grown by leaps and bounds since the advent of Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media Marketing and most importantly YouTube. People now are expecting to see video on websites. In fact, because of the high priority search engines give to video, a business without video on their website is at a disadvantage for being found in searches. In a study it was found that a website with video is 53 times more likely to get a page one ranking on Google than without video.

The article below, describes how video can help a business:

“Video & Your Business – A High Return on Investment”

(Article printed in the Las Vegas Business Press and other publications)

You’re a company with a tremendous product, service or idea and want to tell everyone about it in a concise, accurate, repeatable manner.

You need to train your employees all the same way or provide information to buyers.

You want to reach a large audience, and you want to get the same message to more people than you could ever reach personally.

You want to do all or some of this and motivate your audience to do or feel something and you’re not sure how to go about it.

Most companies or organizations, large or small, face similar dilemmas everyday!

Many have found a way to satisfy this communication need with a solution that is ironically part of their day-to-day life in a different context.

We’re talking about telling a story with video.

If you’ve watched TV, (and unless living in a cave for 50 years, everyone has) you’ve seen people tell their story in segments as short as 30 second commercials or as long as full-length movies. Everyone’s heard, “a picture is worth a thousand words” but you may not have heard that a minute of video can convey the information of millions of words. What’s interesting is that many businesses don’t see the connection between their needing to tell a story and the medium of video being able to serve this communication need. Not necessarily a commercial or a movie, but a short video, which tells their story. What’s more enthralling is that now, this video can be put on their website or an online advertiser or Youtube available to millions of people all over the world.

“I spoke to a local Pool Company who told me that since they’ve been showing an infomercial video on TV, their business has doubled.”

I personally have been involved with many success stories. The one that comes to mind first is the story of an inventor Business Success Storywho came to me with a device she was trying to get on QVC. She had sent the product, directions, diagrams, descriptions of use, had made numerous follow-up phones calls, etc.; all to no avail. Finally when she decided to make a 3-minute video, it was because she had reasoned that words or print couldn’t duplicate showing how easy the device worked and without showing it, QVC couldn’t conceptualize how to use it and see the potential.

One day after the video had been viewed; QVC called, and placed the first of many orders. This ultimately totaled over 350,000 units!

Her inexpensive video was used on air and it was a large part of the multi-million dollar sales success.

One of our States built a lot of prisons in the last decade and each one was constructed in different configurations and with new equipment as the technology for the door locking devices changed. Correction Officers were often transferred between facilities and found equipment they weren’t familiar with. The State solved this problem by requiring that site-specific videos, demonstrating the locations, operation and maintenance of all the equipment be produced.

Corporate Video Production image

This way, all personnel got the correct information and without having it altered by word of mouth interpretations.


An international manufacturer of Safety Switches, devices that prevent machinery from running if a shield is open or removed had a problem with potential customers not recognizing that these devices allowed machinery to conform to regulations that were onerous and hard to understand. By simplifying explanations of the regulations and visually demonstrating how these switches specifically answered the regulatory requirements, the salesmen were able to significantly increase sales and also provide an easily distributable learning tool. Ultimately the video was put on a CD and married to their catalog where customers could reference back and forth from the video explanation to detail and purchasing information on the products. After much field success, the videos were put on the company website and sales and customer support people were able to steer questions to the site.

Training Video for safety switches

This was a large cost savings, because now, when a product was delivered, the reference to the site for customer support was provided and it alleviated much of the call volume that had been coming to engineers. 


One of our best customers is an organization, which trains, employs and develops programs utilizing and serving the needs of developmentally disabled individuals. These programs even include profit centers where for example, through a contract with the County, all recyclable aluminum cans are sent to facilities where, the cans are sorted by these people and sold back to the appropriate soft drink or beer distributors. This recycles a resource, makes money and provides employment for people who couldn’t work in the normal work world. The organization also provided, to local businesses, higher functioning trained individuals who were reliable, excellent at repetitive tasks, took tremendous pride in whatever they were asked to do, and because of their ability to work flexible hours as a contractor, were extremely cost effective.

Training Video production at a recycling center.

The problem was that businesses didn’t know these people were available nor how productive and beneficial to their bottom line using these people could be. A seven-minute video was successful at getting the message out.


There are literally hundreds of thousands of examples, perhaps more, of video success stories. Maybe this little article has got you thinking how you can get your message out.

There are dozens of Video Production companies in the Las Vegas area. If you’re now thinking of a project, realize that the process is not as simple as just pointing a camera at something. If you choose the right company, they’ll try to make the process easier for you. We’ve been in business since 1987 and have the expertise and experience to achieve your goals and make the process cost effective.

Though there is tons of video production equipment available to anyone, a video production is much more than good equipment.

A successful video project involves knowing how to use the equipment and more importantly, how to tell a story that accomplishes the goals of the project. This only comes with talent and experience.
Choosing a video production company is not like buying a quart of milk where the best price is the best deal. It is similar to choosing a doctor where you want the best for the job and you don’t want to have to “redo” it.
What Our Clients Say:

“They’re smart, creative and learn our subject thoroughly which translates to smooth shoots and no expensive “Redos.” They have a unique ability to put the correct words in the mouths of speakers without any embarrassment to the speaker” (James O’toole, PR Executive)

They listen, they’re patient but persistent, translate what they hear into an effective message, make the message clear in the video, respect our company culture and employees, work on schedule and price their product fairly” (Ric Swierat, Executive Director WARC)

They’re very experienced, flexible; suggest constructive changes to scripting and content rather than accepting something inadequate, always meet our timeframes and charge a fair and reasonable rate.” (Peter Engstrom, CEO Schmersal USA)

They have the ability to adapt to a situation and solve problems based on their experience and ability to interface with all levels of client management.” (Howard Grossman, Super Fun 21 Owner)

Richard DePaso is a video producer with studios in Las Vegas.. His clients have included Microsoft, Mobil Oil, Verizon, IBM, QVC, the State of Nevada, New York State, Ziff Davis Publishing, Heineken Samsung, Oracle, Beretta, HP, NBA, Chrysler, AP, Fox News, CSPAN, Conde Nast, and many other large and small companies.

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