Richard DePaso of Aardvark Video Wins LVIMA’s Shining Star Award

Richard DePaso of Aardvark Video Wins LVIMA’s Shining Star Award

During 2018 we recorded two events for LVIMA, the Las Vegas Internet Marketing Association and produced videos of those events. One event was at the Hard Rock Cafe and the other was at world renowned advertising agency, R&R Partners.

LVIMA used the videos for marketing, social media, publicity and whatever other purposes they wanted.

On December 13th I went to the LVIMA Awards Gala and was totally surprised that I won an award for Shining Star Volunteer of the year for my company producing the videos.

I had entered in the category of “Contributing to a Cause” because we do a lot of contribution and support to help the Lion Habitat Ranch (LHR) in Henderson, Nevada. If I had won the award for that category I was totally prepared to go up on the podium and talk about the organization.

Ginny DePaso, Director of Community Outreach, LHR

I would have let the audience know the LHR is a facility in Henderson Nevada that houses the Lions that used to work at the MGM Grand when a lion habitat exhibit was there.

When the MGM Grand closed that exhibit the Lions were without a job to support their care and where they were housed had to be converted to a venue for tourists and locals to visit that could pay for their support through gate receipts, donations and volunteers.

Through time the LHR acquired numerous birds rescued from a facility where they were poorly cared for, acquired a giraffe that was taught to paint as well as Emus, Ostriches and other rescued animals.

Several years ago we took my wife Ginny there for her birthday and she was so impressed with the dedication of the staff and volunteers and the care they provided for the animals that she decided we should do our part to help them meet their financial obligations.

Since that time we’ve done all types of initiatives to help them raise funds and awareness to support the animals. We’ve done fundraisers we’ve produced videos, we’ve created marketing material, done mailings we’ve conducted yoga sessions on site, etc. She has worked almost full-time helping them as a volunteer so much so that in appreciation they gave her a title without pay, “Community Outreach Director.”

At any rate if I had won for helping the Lion Habitat Ranch I knew what I was going to say

When I won the award for being the LVIMA volunteer of the year I was caught totally off guard and had nothing prepared.

In retrospect I feel very humbled that I was chosen to win this award and wish I would have thanked all those who deserve it more than me.

They’re the ones that really deserve this award and I wanted to be certain they get credit for all the volunteer work they do.

I look at all the work other LVIMA volunteers do not just once or twice but all year round and I’m thinking about Brandie Feuer, I’m thinking about Ben Laifsky, I’m thinking about Autumn and Jasmine, I’m thinking about Chris from R&R Partners and of course I would have wanted to thank Luis Garcia from my staff at Aardvark Video who is the one that did most of the work on the videos for LVIMA.

So thank you LVIMA volunteers and here is a video from me to thank you!

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