Success Stories Continued …..

A local Window Tinting company would send a salesman out, measure windows, and provide an estimate.  This was a competitive service, and their close rate was around 30%.  They did expensive mailings and more with limited results. We changed the process by producing a video for them that showed all the advantages of using their company and while the salesman was measuring, they had the customer watch it.  Sales went up from 30% to between 60% to 80% of appointments!  A picture is worth 1000 words and a video perhaps millions!.

. . A local Tour Bus company was severely impacted by The Pandemic because transportation to Las Vegas was curtailed and they needed a way to demonstrate that their buses were safe.  We produced a video that showed all the equipment, procedures, and safety protocols they put in place.  it went on their website and into their marketing which generated business and allowed them to survive during lockdowns.

A company produced Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminars.  They conducted presentations in various hotels throughout the country and doctors would sign up and attend.  The audience and ROI were limited to those that could travel and be there in person.  We recorded, live-streamed and the client put them online pay-for-view (Shortened Sample).  This expanded the audience, and their ROI went up more than TENFOLD.

NY State was building many new facilities including prisons.  There was a need to train staff on how to operate the locks.  There was a great deal of attrition and transfers so poor training could be disastrous. Mentoring, word of mouth, and other training tended to get distorted as it was passed on.  They hired us to produce site-specific videos which provided the same consistent motivating message to current and future hires. And this type of training can be included with eLearning modules complete with testing and verification of training.  After our videos were produced, there were no incidents of human error with the locking device. (videos are proprietary and can’t be shared)

Prosecutors in the state Attorney General’s office had difficulty understanding why victims didn’t leave the abusive environment. We produced a video featuring interviews with subject matter experts, victims, and abusers which illustrated their perspectives and made understandable the dynamics of the situation leading to more effective prosecution and protection for victims. HERE is an excerpt from that video

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