Video Production at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas – “Celebration of Life”

On September 3rd and 4th, 2021, Aardvark Video produced 6 videos for a fabulous extended weekend party, “Celebration of Life” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. These videos were produced; shot and edited during the weekend for the client, Sharon Poulton for a party in memory of her husband, James Poulton.

Sharon came to us months in advance and we did our best to guide her through the process of making arrangements with the hotel, scanning pictures she had that we could use in videos to be shown, and working with contacts at the hotel to ensure everything went smoothly. She did a fantastic job of organizing and putting together a spectacular event

Aardvark Video is a company not just technicians but a very flexible, client-centric firm that helps with planning, supervision, execution, and follow-up.

The Fun Events Included

A “Cocktail Hour” at the MGM Grand Mansion, where the client rented an entire villa.
Slide Show

Cocktail Hour at the MGM Mansion in Las Vegas

A “Dove Release/Wishing Coins” at the Fountain outside the hotel where Sharon made a heartfelt emotional speech
Slide Show

Speech at MGM Grand Fountain

A “Huge New Orleans Extravagantly themed Party” on the final night
Slide Show

Entrance to the event

Preparation For The Weekend

In preparation for the final party on September 4th, Aardvark Video produced 29 videos that could be shown to guests on a large screen during the festivities; some funny and some remembrances of her husband. These were produced in the final two weeks leading up to the events and Aardvark Video interspersed them into sets played by the band at the party.

Sharon, our client was a wonderful person and recounted how she and her husband decided that if one of them were to die, they wouldn’t grieve, but instead, they would have a huge party, and she did!!! We were honored to be part of making it a success.

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