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Video Production Success Stories

Video Production Success Stories

Over the years Aardvark Video & Media Productions is proud to be a part of many of our clients’ video production success stories.Here are a few examples beginning with a highlight video of Richard DePaso’s Video for Business presentation, where he actually shares some of these stories in front of a live audience.

Video for Business – Aardvark Video’s Managing Director Shares Client Success Stories

Central Garden Show

We did a series of videos for the owner/organizer of a trade  show to demonstrate the success of current exhibitors as an enticement and motivator for future exhibitors. Their sales people told us these video have been a tremendous tool in helping them get new exhibitors.


We recorded in a hotel suite and edited overnight to produce a dynamic keynote which motivated and energized the entire convention the next day with the ownership aspect of seeing their own people in the video.

Las Vegas Window Tinting – Marketing Video

We created this video designed to differentiate this company’s product from the competition. Once their video started getting around they experienced an increase in close rate of over 30% from their previous close rate of 50%.

Top Chef 

A local chef wanted to have an edge on getting selected as a contestant on the Top Chef program on Bravo. He hired us to produce a video demonstrating his cooking prowess as part of his audition. He moved through 3 qualifying rounds and was in the final selections for the show. Since that time he has tripled his salary and had many job offers using the video as his resume.

Bracelet Buddy

An inventor of a device to put on a bracelet with one hand was trying to get on QVC. They couldn’t even get phone calls returned. After providing QVC with a 2 minute demo of how the device worked, QVC called back the next day and ultimately sold tens of thousands of the device for the inventor.

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