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Presentation & Panel Recording

One of the most common types of video shoots we do is presentations and breakout sessions. These can be at a stand-alone event or at a large corporate event such as a trade show or convention. During trade shows there are usually numerous “breakout sessions” that often consist of very important panelist making interesting announcements or discussing a topic that everyone would like to hear about.

With over a dozen matching cameras in-house, we can capture multiple simultaneous breakout sessions taking place at your event. We partner with a/v companies that setup these breakout rooms in venues all over Vegas and surrounding areas and have a great working relationship with them.

Often time clients confuse a/v companies with video production companies but the two are very different. A/V companies usually will setup the rooms with audio, lighting, projectors, switching equipment and more. For the actual recording and especially post-production editing you would need a video production company. We are very flexible with what we do and can help you understand the entire process. If you are planning an event and need to have presentations recorded and/or edited, get in touch with us at Aardvark Video to assist you with the planning process. It’s a specialty if ours!

You Can Expand Your Reach and even Archive Your Content for Future Reference or Training

You put a lot of time and effort into preparing presentations, whether at a trade show conference or other corporate event, there is no reason to limit yourself to just the people in attendance. Presentations, keynotes, breakout sessions, panels, etc. can be recorded and edited for further distribution and audience reach or for internal archival purposes.

To expand on that we often live-stream presentations to be viewed live online and can even add pay-per-view, secure login, data capture and analytics features to your live event.
Aardvark Video has been working with trade shows and corporate events for years. We often work directly with the companies that plan and organize these events. At other times, we’ll work with the venue’s a/v and staging companies to fulfill client needs that they don’t do in-house such as bringing in video crews, interviews, editing, custom live-streaming setups and more.
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