Las Vegas Video Production by Aardvark Video in October

October was a very busy month for us. We shot the monthly seminar on how to be a Successful Landlord presented by Scott McGillivroy and Michael Serracini, stars of HGTV shows. This is always an interesting presentation because Scott and Michael change the content every month to include new topics of interest to people looking to become landlords and create a positive cash flow. These are two young men who started by buying one house and in a few short years have built a business that now has over 10,000 tenants paying rent to them every month.  This is in addition to producing two show series on HGTV.

We also shot at the HR Technology Expo for Peoplefluent, a company that has software which can be accessed from both a computer and iPad. We recorded product demos, presentations given to an audience and B roll of the booth. We shot this with a Sony EX1 which handled the differences in lighting color temperature and low light very well

At the same show, both at the Sands Expo Center, we had an interview setup for Lumesse where for two days they brought in clients and subject matter experts recorded at a table.

Last Sunday we had an emergency call from the Associated Press (AP) asking us to go up to Las Vegas Raceway to see if anyone had set up tributes to Dan Wheldon, the racer who died in a fiery crash that day. We found where a single vase with flowers was setup in a garage and right next to it roped off was the actual burned wreckage of his car. We interviewed a couple of spectators who said that in their 30 years of watching auto racing, this was the worst wreck they ever saw.  We also went to UMC, the hospital where Dan Wheldon was taken to see if anyone had set up tributes there.

We also spent a lot of time planning for a poker event with an Italian TV channel that has an affiliation with the World Series of Poker. Unfortunately, the difficulties of language, time zones, communication and customs made it impossible to get the project in place. Rob Gatti, Jim Wise and Stuart Cane put in a lot of work on this with me but like very few projects we get involved with this wasn’t able to happen. We did learn a lot about the difficulties you run into when trying to coordinate with people on the other side of the world.

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