Keeping Busy with Las Vegas Video Production

These are some of the things we’ve done in the past few weeks:

-A three camera shoot for Microsoft at a meeting (Mandalay Bay)where they made product announcements; we shot it, edited onsite and uploaded it to their website for distribution
-A streaming broadcast from the South Hall Lobby on a stage at the LVCC of product announcements and other news from NAB
-Recording and editing workshops conducted by FEMA at NAB as well as recording and editing a demo of their IPAWS system at NAB
-Recording interviews for NAB itself to market membership in the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
-Recording a seminar presentation at the RIO in a breakout session which we will edit into a marketing video.
-Recording a two day seminar at Mandalay Bay complete with screen capturing/digitizing onsite the PPT presentations, later combining the speakers with the PPT and editing the presentations into an 11 volume DVD set.
-Doing “man on the street” interviews at the Kitchen and Bath show at the LVCC which will be built into the pilot for a reality show.

Here are some links to typical interviews and other tradeshow related work:

This is an interview sessions where we set up in a small conference room

This is an interview session where we recorded right at a tradeshow booth

These are interviews set up as part of a larger project done for the State of Nevada

This is an example of a product demo at a tradeshow showing the use of B roll and our editing to tell the story

Here there is a marketing video we did for Chris Steely, a business coach.

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