A Different Type of Las Vegas Video Production – “The Scarf Magician”

A Different Type of Las Vegas Video Production –  “The Scarf Magician”

A Different Type of Las Vegas Video Production –

“The Scarf Magician”

Las Vegas Video ProductionWhen we think of the Las Vegas video production that we do, most often it is with work related to trade show video, training video or business/corporate video. What we don’t often write about are video projects we do on “How to do it” projects that are designed to be sold as DVD, online streaming or smartphone apps. A good example of this is a very ambitious project we did; the creation of a DVD, iPhone and Android app providing scarf tying instruction on 16 unique high fashion scarf ties. The name of the project is “The Scarf Magician” Volume 1

Scarves weren’t originally a fashion item. Per Wikipedia, the earliest recorded use was in Ancient Rome where men used them around their neck to keep clean from sweat. And of course they were used to keep warm in the cold. They didn’t really become a fashion item until the early 19th century

This DVD and/or app shows and teaches with easy to understand videos how to transform an ordinary look to spectacular with Unique Scarf Ties. In all honesty, we did this because my wife is a “fashionista” and wanted to do a project which could help women and men use scarves as an accessory and to make an individualistic fashion statement. The result is scarf tying instruction that is easy to follow and learn.

“Scarves are a recession proof inexpensive way to change the look of a simple outfit, update the look of an older outfit, go from the office to a night out looking spectacular and to develop your own signature look which will position you above the competition and give you confidence in your appearance.”

My wife, Ginny DePaso, with years of image consulting background is known for always being stylish and constantly receiving praise for the look she creates. She provides scarf tying seminars to groups and with this DVD shares her knowledge and skills on scarf tying in a manner that people can easily practice, review and reference right on their portable device. With her unique scarf tying designs and instruction, she walks you through step-by-step how to get a look that will be in style, make you feel opulent, look younger, attract attention and get you comments and praise. This project took nearly two months to complete with all the shooting, editing and DVD authoring needed.

We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on how these scarf ties are unique and truly beautiful. We are pretty proud of it and if you do buy it, we’d like to hear from you. We’d also like to hear what you would like to see in volume 2.

You can purchase the DVD or app with these links: Purchase the DVD through PayPal ($19.95 plus shipping) or, purchase the iPhone/Android app . The DVD is also available on Amazon. Any questions can be emailed to us.

Here is a demo taken out of the DVD to give you a sense of what is included:

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