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Are DVDs Finished and Dead?

DVD Production

We at Aardvark Video have been providing files to our clients encoded for online use for years.  However, used in the not-too-distant past we have 3 DVD duplicator machines which allow us to duplicate over 25 DVDs at a time.

Who is Using DVDs

For the most part, they’ve been collecting dust.  Recently they’ve been getting a workout producing DVDs for bus companies that are still using the technology with monitors on seatbacks for content viewing.

National Park Express Bus Tours

We’ve produced numerous DVD projects for National Park Express, a bus company that provides tours of Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and other scenic destinations.  We produced intro “Welcome”  DVDs which their clients could watch to get a preview of where they were headed and “Thank You” DVDs that thanked the visitors for using their buses and also gave information on all the other venues the companies tours provide on the return trip. And we even produced videos to show their buses were COVID safe.

Additionally, one of our synergistic partners that stage trade shows and conventions had us produce DVDs viewed on shuttle buses delivering visitors to the shows that gave information on the trade show itself and often on COVID safety protocols that needed to be observed. They also had us produce DVDs for the distribution of convention presentation segments.

Authoring Required

Unlike just copying a file for online use, DVDs need to be authored. This is a process of encoding and putting the “the directions” for compatibility and playing on a DVD player. In this process, it’s possible to put multiple files, selectable menus, and more. And unlike online files, a single layer DVD is limited in size to less than 4.7GB of storage. A notable limitation is that a standard DVD is not HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) but Standard Definition (720 x 480 pixels) with less quality.

So though certainly not as prevalent as in the past, we are finding out there is still a need and we are keeping our DVD duplicators.

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