Aardvark Video Produces “Amazing Experiences Beyond the Neon” 2019 Updates

Aardvark Video Produces “Amazing Experiences Beyond the Neon” 2019 Updates

In 2017 Aardvark Video was hired by Las Vegas Territory, an organization of venues and attractions in Southern Nevada, to produce 9 marketing videos. The purpose was to show what experiences are available to both tourists and locals in the area, and though the Las Vegas Strip is an important part of it, that it’s much more than what’s on the Strip. Thus the title for the series: “Amazing Experiences Beyond the Neon”.

What Is Las Vegas Territory?

The Territory stretches from Mesquite in the North to Laughlin in the South. We produced a video for each of the areas: Mesquite, Moapa Valley, Downtown Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip and nearby, Henderson, Boulder City, the Primm |Jean|Goodsprings area, and Laughlin plus an Overview video. 

The Plan

At the time, this was a massive undertaking that required months of planning, research, scripting, shooting, gathering footage and editing plus green screen studio shooting with a spokesmodel.

This year, 2019, Las Vegas Territory asked us to “refresh” the videos with new content that had developed during the booming 2-year interim in Southern Nevada. They wanted to have the videos complete and shown at a “Sales Mission” to be held in Sacramento on the “Delta King” paddle wheeler riverboat in early November where travel agents, hotel representatives, state travel representatives, venues and others would be attending.  The videos will also be on their new, revised website.

Sacramento hotel boat
Delta King Riverboat Hotel – Sacramento, CA

2019 Updates

Updates included the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium and practice facility, the Golden Knights new ice-skating rink in Henderson, new properties being built and renovated, new shows, plus much more.

The Challenge

As in the past, the greatest challenge was getting the right footage and images to produce new content. We had originally planned three months for this phase but had a very limited response from our sources.  Finally, with only two weeks remaining, we went after the content directly ourselves and worked long hours with additional staff to meet the deadline. You can see the videos on this YouTube Playlist.

Sales Mission Presentation

At the same time that the videos were being worked on, we were working with the presenters to put together all the PowerPoint presentations that would be shown at the Sales Mission and actually set up and ran the PowerPoint presentation at the venue.

The event included; flights to us provided by Spirit Airlines, lodging on the boat, a trade show, presentations in a theater right on the boat, tours of Sacramento and a reception dinner at the end. (images) It was a huge success and lots of fun!

The videos are a tremendous opportunity for venues and attractions to publicize. In the future, we look forward to doing more expanded videos, perhaps even segments for local TV broadcasts.

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