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Affordable Video Production Services in Las Vegas

Affordable Video Production Services

Affordable Video Production Services for Websites and BlogsDo you need to get exposure for your business?

100 Million Americans watch videos online every day.

Research shows that video is one of the most effective Social Media marketing tactics currently available. It is also one of the the best ways to increase your Google search ranking. Aardvark Video has affordable video production services to help attract potential viewers to your site. The time to add video to your site is now!

If you blog or use social media, you’ve probably wanted to use video but perhaps either didn’t know how to get started, didn’t want to look bad with something amateurish, or felt it was too expensive to have a professional video made that could be outdated within a few months.

We heard your concerns, and through a third party came up with an inexpensive way for you to have professional video you can publish every month to get out your messages at an unbelievably low price: as low as $250/month! Contact us today to see how Aardvark Video’s new affordable video production services can benefit you!

Affordable Video Production Services:

  • Up to a 4 hour visit to your business once a month.
  • Up to 4 short videos, each up to 5 minutes in length (any topic).
  • Minor editing, such as:  minor graphics and company info.
  • Video will be uploaded to your YouTube channel and saved as private.
  • Weekly self-release of video and sharing on up to 3 social media sites.
  • **For an additional $50/month we will auto-release videos

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Affordable Video Production Pricing:

LOCAL (Las Vegas, NV Area)

  • 3 Month Contract is $300 per Month
  • 6 Month Contract is $250 per Month

NON-LOCAL (Outside of Vegas Vicinity)

  • 3 Month Contract is $350 per Month
  • 6 Month Contract is $300 per Month


Affordable Video Production Samples:


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